Spring time to me means newness, flowers blooming, and most importantly…the end of winter! There’s also a certain sense of freshness that I like to include in my home decor this time of year. This was an exceptionally long and dark winter here in the Pacific Northwest. Late winter came and I was craving a new look for our living room, and hoping to incorporate some more crispness as well as utilizing some more shades of blue and light gray in the room. 

I decided I wanted to freshen up our living room. I also decided I wanted a new rug. I had been pretty happy with the rug that we had, it was large (i.e. covers our older carpet we are replacing with new flooring this year), covered the space as well as adding a certain texture to the room. But I wanted to try something new and fresh so I started to look at the rugs that http://www.rugs-direct.com/ carries. They deal directly with many rug manufacturers and therefore can offer very reasonable prices. I also was hoping to tie in the fireplace tiles I had just repainted using a vintage look stencil in dark gray…
I fell in love with one of the rugs that they had on their website right away by the Safavieh Company: https://www.instagram.com/safavieh_official/. The colors it had were exactly what I’d been craving: it had some blue and some gray-purple in it. Ultimately I’m going to be painting this room a light gray and it was exactly the direction I was looking for our living room. I ordered it and kind of assumed without looking at the specifics that it would be the same sort of feel as the rug that we already had. But when I received the rug I was so pleasantly surprised… 

It is made of 100% wool and it’s a loop piling vs a cut one making it feel much more luxurious. It’s super thick and really comfortable to walk on. It’s actually 1/2″ thick. The colors are even more gorgeous and rich in person. http://www.rugs-direct.com/Details/Safavieh-RestorationVintage-RVT421/125354/201729?source=brightyellowdoor

It goes perfectly with my spring decor this year. But I also can’t wait to add some deep greens and some rich silver to this room when it comes around to be Christmas time. I think it’ll blend beautifully for the holiday season. It will most definitely be the perfect rug for all four seasons. I am already dreaming of my color palette for the seasons to come!

As well, it has definitely inspired me to paint the room now, and the next step is to just pick the perfect gray. I’ve also ordered some new pillow covers that are some deep blue to pick up the gray and rich tones of the rug. I am so happy  about how this rug is now anchoring this room together and I’m enjoying decorating around it.

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Stay tuned as I add even more color to this room as we are sure to be enjoying this rug for years and seasons to come.❤️

Thank you for reading along, I appreciate your support!!❤️


I'm the momma to three sweet peaches, and the blessed wife of one kind husband. My background is in art, and my B.A. Is in fine art. I like to use my house as my canvas, and love DIY projects around the house.