Outdoor Deck for the Summer 

June 6, 2017 0 Comments

I have been updating our deck out back and found the perfect furniture for entertaining.

This time of year especially after the very very gray winter that we just had in Seattle we live to spend as much time outdoors as we possibly can. We have a pretty nice deck and in the past we’ve had lots of plants set out there. I’ve done most of our entertaining beyond the deck on the lawn where we usually keep a table and chairs to enjoy dinner outside. But this year I decided I wanted an outdoor living set and one that we could place on the deck for entertaining that could weather out very wet wintered here. I found the one I like from Costway: https://goo.gl/1VTX7C.

They have a lot of affordable options for outdoor furniture and our order arrived within days of placing it. Adam quickly put it together and I quickly began to have fun with it and styled it up.

We also opted to include one of their umbrellas. This is the one I chose, and I love it’s quality and neutral quality. https://goo.gl/jbezVH

I was debating getting a sectional outdoor piece but I’m enjoying the versatility of having two chairs and a bench so I can configure it different ways depending on the location of the sun.

Adam had an old rusted shelf from our shed in the dump pile I pulled out and decided to use as a bar cart/potting bench. I’m kinda liking the rustic vibe it adds out here. 

All we need now is a new rug, some more sunshine and some burgers and we are set for our end of the school year celebration!

I hope you enjoyed checking out our outdoor space! This is a sponsored post as Costway provided the furniture and umbrella for review, but my experiences and options are my own.


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