Summer is winding down here and we are eating outside in our backyard every moment of the season we possibly can. Usually in the summer time we eat out every single night and this year has been no exception.

 Recently I was in the market for some new chairs and I was drawn to some retro chairs that look just like the retro bentwood chairs. As a girl growing up in Southern California my family had a set of bentwood chairs that I just look back on with such fondness. Even better, these chairs from The Mine come in five different colors and are only 2 for $139.20 right now: free shipping!

I decide to go with a classic white although the light blue color was tempting…it’s just the most perfect shade of blue! The ones I offered arrived quickly and big plus: already put together!

I quickly set them up in our diningroom!

I love how white white they are and are such a contrast to my other subdued colors in my home.

If you have known me for any length of time though, you know change is my best friend. We recently had a dinner party outdoors and I didn’t have enough nice chairs for around our table. I got to thinking, I bet those white chairs would be perfect for out impromptu backyard get togethers! Bam! Seating dilemma solved! So the chairs live both indoors and out!

I added pillows on the chairs and I loved the extra pattern play. 

As I my timed earlier summer is winding down but this is still our favorite dining spot. We had company last night, and sitting outside in this spot is always a treat.


Another plus to these chairs I forgot to mention is their wide seat. My father-in-law is not a big man, but a very tall one. After dinner he usually sits with his legs stretched out straight to the side of the table. Maybe because his legs get cramped, maybe because it creates the perfect perch for the girls to climb up into. Either way, he’s impressed with how the chair fits him. Big plus! (I adore my father-in-law, best grandpa ever!)

So, there you have it! While this is a sponsored post all the above opinions are my own, and I truly love these chairs! And working with has been a great experience! Thank you for reading along!

I'm the momma to three sweet peaches, and the blessed wife of one kind husband. My background is in art, and my B.A. Is in fine art. I like to use my house as my canvas, and love DIY projects around the house.