So I shared with you last month how I picked out a new rug for our living room. That little/big change kind of started a domino effect on a whole bunch of other changes. (Isn’t that always the case?;)) With the beautiful colors that are in our new rug I decided I wanted a new chair for the corner of the living room to the left of the white fireplace. I really liked the chair that was there but… We redid our master bedroom and that chair got moved up stairs. As well, I wanted something lighter and brighter and more conducive to really good conversations while sitting, and for getting really cozy while curling up by the fire.

(Oh my goodness as is usually the case, when I look at old pictures I realize A LOT has changed in this room over the last couple months! LOL!!)

As I was trying to visualize exactly what it was I was looking for I saw someone’s post on a corner chair from Hayneedle. And it was beautiful.  I went online and looked on Hayneedle’s website.

There were soooooo many gorgeous chairs to choose from, like seriously I looked for a whole afternoon, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw this beauty:

It looked super deep, had the perfect colors, would add the lightness I was after and it’s made by Baxton Studio furniture which has a super great reputation for quality.

My pretty, gorgeous, oh my gosh I’m so excited chair arrived (eek!) and I could not wait to get it set up in its new corner. Delivery was super easy, and the chair arrived perfectly in the biggest box I’ve ever seen! The girls were more excited about that then anything they received Christmas morning!

I quickly unwrapped and it and set it in its new home. 

I am so in love with the details of this chair! The wood finish is beautiful, and the chair is so deep, it even came with its own lumbar support pillow! 

Cora and Gracie and even Sawyer approve of the addition, and it is big enough for me and a child to sit together in it comfortably! Although lately it’s become “mom’s” spot because most nights after dinner you will find me here.

I think it lightens up this corner just perfectly and subtly ties in the white couches. And my “new” upcycled armoire may or may not have been chosen to high light its gorgeous curves, which I am in love with!

I am so happy about our newest addition. Thank you for reading along and checking out my new chair.

Thank you always for your kindness and support!

This is a sponsored post, but as always the opinions shared are my very own.❤️And I am seriously crushing on my new chair!

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