If you have followed me for a while you know that I love my Ektorp couch and loveseat from IKEA. I love the crisp whiteness of the slipcovers, I love the versatility of being able to wash them and I love how sturdy the couches are themselves. However lately I had noticed that the slipcovers I had purchased from IKEA originally were getting dingy and worn out AND lackluster. I had assumed that I would order New slipcovers for my IKEA however I heard about a new company called Bemz Design. It’s an international company that make slipcovers for a whole range of IKEA couches loveseats and chairs. The slipcovers they make come in a wide range of fabrics and even mite important they follow that strictest environmental rights set down by the EU. The other great thing about the company is that they send you gorgeous samples of fabric prior to ordering. There are prints, solids, and everything in between. https://bemz.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwo4jOBRBmEiwABWNaMZpJ7bST4j2JOsGseTR1X7HqZylRmyvLC5F2kBfARxzVzFU4NDUYOBoCzxMQAvD_BwE 

When I decided I wanted to work with Bemz they sent me so many gorgeous fabrics I had the hardest time trying to choose just one!

I ended up deciding that I really do like the crispness of the white even though our covers were no longer really a crisp white, but more of a dull gray. But what I did change my mind about is the fabric itself. Bemz offers a truly gorgeous version of linen. It is a pre-washed and pre-shrunk linen that washes easily. I chose the “Rosendal Pure Washed Linen” in “Absolute White”. 


As well when ordering the slipcovers in linen you get a more cottage feel in the cut of the slipcover. The bottom part of the fabric on both of the couches is a little more drapey and loose fitting. I was so excited about incorporating a more vintage, cozy feel to the couch and love seat.

The slipcovers arrived not too long after ordering them, considering they travelled all the way from Sweden!

I eagerly placed them on the furniture with ease and stood back and admired the new look.

I was in love! The fact that they are a more loose fit meant I didn’t break a sweat putting them on, unlike the original slipcovers. You Ektorp owners know what I’m talking about!  And the feel of the new fabric made suiting upon the couch feel like a vacation, I mean the linen is so soft.

I’ve now had the slipcovers for a couple months, and they are very easy to care for. With the texture of the linen vs the other fabric I had prior, it keeps stains from setting. They have been very easy to care for, I have simply pre-soaked any stains in Oxy Clean and they’ve come right out.

My littlest mess maker, Cora even got some marker on the arm of one the other day, it was out within an hour of soaking. I want our furnitute to be pretty but practical. Even better, Bemz includes arm rest covers that you can super easily throw into the wash and avoid the necessity of washing the whole cover. How great is that?

To say I’m happy with our new covers would be an understatement, I love them.

I love the crisp whiteness of them, I love the feel of them, and I adore the casual, comfy, cottage look of them. 

Although this is a sponsored post, all of these opinions are my own and I am quite secure in recommending Bemz should you be in need of new slipcovers for your IKEA furniture. They have been a great company to work with!

Thank you for reading along about our new slipcovers!


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