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July 23, 2016 6 Comments

So I had posted about redoing our kitchen a couple years ago. I painted the oak cabinets a gray that highlighted our brown Corian countertops. We had changed out the counter tops several years ago…at the time I didn’t really have an overall plan for what I wanted our kitchen to look like.

I was never really happy with the color that I had chosen to originally paint our cabinets. As much work as it was to repaint those cabinets the first I knew in my heart I would eventually go to the one color I really had wanted which was white.

When I finally got up the gumption after seeing SO many gorgeous white kitchens I covetted, I headed to Lowe’s and decided to try their cabinet paint.

It said that it would go on without any brush marks and that it would dry hard like an enamel and it had some oil paint additives making it even stronger.

I bought a whole galleon of it, it was not cheap. Then I went home and read the reviews….yikes! But already having purchased it, I continued forward, and actually saw some positive YouTube videos advocating it…I was all in.

I decided to paint the cabinets in a different order process this time. Rather than taking ALL the doors off which resulted in me feeling horribly stressed as I tried to live through the chaos of our house undergoing a remodel. I decided to just do each section of cabinet doors one at a time, that way the level of mess and disorder that we had to live with in our kitchen while I was going to the process of painting the cabinets was not so overwhelming. Also, I set up a work station our folding table. The last time my poor back was so messed up having bent over doors for a week. This set up was quicker to access and caused far less pain.

The very first cabinet door I began by sanding down whatever loose paint came off with a light sandind and then I primed it. I actually use two coats of primer. When the primer had dried I found that I actually had to use THREE coats of white paint to have none of the gray paint that was underneath show through. It was a very labor-intensive process to have each cabinet door turn out sparkly white but in the end I’m really happy with the result. I also became good friends with a wood filler. Previously I had added a paper wainscoting to the doors and it had become marred via various tricycle accidents.

The new paint from Lowe’s is much more indelible than the paint I had previously used. The directions said to have each coat dry at least eight hours. I listen to this advice (THIS time!) religiously and actually let each coat of paint dry overnight before I applied another coat. I think this really added to the strength of the overall paint finish.

My biggest advice came from something I had read online…I read that if you don’t want to wash your paintbrush in between each day’s work all you have to do is put the wet, used brush inside of a plastic bag and stored in the refrigerator. This new advice was miraculous for this project. This project took me about four weeks from start to finish. And all I had to do each night when I was finished working was put the used paintbrush into a plastic bag and put it into the refrigerator. I literally used the same paintbrush unwashed for four consecutive weeks and it worked perfectly! I had one paintbrush that was strictly for priming and another that was strictly for paint and it worked perfectly.

Right away when I got the first section of the kitchen completed painted and all the hardware reinstalled I knew that going white was the right choice. Even my husband who was dragging his heels and was the one who really wanted the gray cabinets to begun with was happy with the results.

When our family came to see our new kitchen they asked when we had gotten new light fixtures, and when where had we purchased new countertops, also where our new pulls had come from…none of these details were actually changed! The only thing that changed this go around was painting the cabinets. Having the cabinets light and bright has made everything sparkle and make our kitchen just look more put together!

After I got all finished painting, I did have Adam install a new faucet. As well, I purchased some blinds to give our windows a more finished look. I am so enjoying our “new” kitchen, and am so glad for the change! Thank you for following along!

I'm the momma to three sweet peaches, and the blessed wife of one kind husband. My background is in art, and my B.A. Is in fine art. I like to use my house as my canvas, and love DIY projects around the house.


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    October 12, 2016

    I just love ur home. I wanna have mine just like yours

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      July 23, 2017

      sorry this is so late in coming…..thank you so much for your sweeteness!!!

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    July 30, 2016

    Love what you’ve done here! Love your site!

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      July 30, 2016

      Thank you so much!!

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    Liah Anderson

    July 24, 2016

    Your kitchen was already beautiful but the white just made it that much better! It looks great!!

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      July 28, 2016

      Thank you so much Liah!!!