Summer is in full swing and I cannot be more excited! After a long gray winter I am soaking up the sunshine everyday and in every way possible!

For me, summer means color! Color can be seen in the flowers, the fresh fruit, the blue skies, everywhere on a sunny summer day. My goal in decorating for the summer is to bring some of that gorgeous color inside!

I start in May to swap out my pillow covers. 

I am a neutral girl generally, too much color feels like too much noise in our already sometimes (all the time!) chaotic home. But in the summer I go more bold, craving to soak up the outside’s gorgeous gifts inside! 

I also tend to loosen up my decorating “rules” and instead incorporate:

  • An unlimited amount of accent colors 
  • Hold tight to the belief there’s no such thing as too many flowers  
  • Throw blankets belong everywhere! (Wet swimsuit bottoms, sandy shorts and Popsicle’d faces are easier to manage when there’s throw blankets draped on our white furniture).

We’ve got on average two months of solid sunshine here in the PNW and we adopt a more casual summer attitude.

I am really liking all the pieces of furniture we now have in our living room. Each one has slowly been acquired, updated, refurbished and carefully chosen. But after putting everything together, I realized my color was all gone. I mean I had become TOO neutral. While in college earning my BA in art I was referred to as “colorist”…what the heck happened to me?

I mean it’s pretty….but I lost my COLOR pops!!

Fast forward to finding my new favorite show: “Home Town” on HGTV. Seriously I watched all of season one in a week!  The show chronicles the remodeling of homes, but the couple on the show love color, and a beautiful found look I love!!  I adore Erin’s style on that show! In one episode she decorated a home with a gorgeous painting. I was like wait…..who is that artist??!! Enter my new favorite artist…I fell in love with the colorist maven painting magician  Mandy Buchanan:

I fell in LOVE with her use of color and knew I had to have one of her paintings!

Turned out her painting was exactly what I needed to add that spice and pizazz back to this well used, well loved room where our family lives. Morgan painted a picture just for my home! In love I tell ya!

The new picture added a lot of color and a focal point for the room. (All the heart eyes…!!)

 Another way I strive to add color and bring the outside in is through displaying fruit in our home as decor. Have fun with your groceries I say! Fresh or faux I love the pop of color nature’s gifts offer. 

I also find I run out of vases this time of the year as our flower garden is at its peak and provides quite a bounty. I just utilize jars to display our beautiful flowers. The girls bring me fresh bouquets from our walks too, so I just wash out extra spaghetti suace jars and store them so there’s always a handy vessel for them to place their gifts.

I even added flowers in our bathroom:

The more flowers the better I say!

I just love love love summer being a California girl at heart, it’s my favorite season. But of course come September I’ll be the first one to be scouting out the first pumpkin spice latte of the Fall. Each season has its own special graces, I’m truly thankful for each one. 

Thank you for sharing in our summer home decor! Don’t miss out on all these other gorgeous blog posts below from my pals about how to style your summer home beautifully!







Thanks for reading along!! Happy summer!!

I'm the momma to three sweet peaches, and the blessed wife of one kind husband. My background is in art, and my B.A. Is in fine art. I like to use my house as my canvas, and love DIY projects around the house.


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    July 25, 2017

    I love this post…you are so honest and refreshing! I love your home, and while neutrals are my favorite also, summer is the time to add a bit of color here and there. Your pillows and flowers and fruit are perfect touches. Flowers in the bathroom? Yes! Unexpected places are the best. When I buy a big bouquet, I fill little vases for the bedrooms. Your painting is gorgeous! It brightens up that area without overtaking the room.

    Thanks for such a sweet post!

    Jane x

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    July 25, 2017

    Gorgeous post, Kirsten! I couldn’t agree with you more, you can never have enough flowers. Your home is beautiful and I love your colorful your styling. It was a pleasure being a part of this tour with you. Thank you for the inspiration!

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    July 25, 2017

    Kirsten I just loved your tips! I especially loved all of your pops of color with flowers!!! Thanks for joining in on the tour fun! Ps-I am a California girl too!