DIY Rustic Bed frame

March 25, 2016 2 Comments

Adam and I decided to upgrade to a KING SIZE bed!! Finding a buyer for my favorite white wrought iron bed was easy, finding a NEW bed frame we both liked within our budget was proving difficult. We turned yet again to the pile of old wood in our garage, from our neighbor Bob's old fence!

So we took the BIG plunge! We went from a queen bed to a king size, and oh my goodness let me tell you, the change is amazing!  We now have leg room, we no longer awkwardly bump into one another at night (Adam is 6′ and I am 5’9″…), there’s room to stretch out, and most importantly we can ALL fit on it for story time now at night!!

However, there were some down sides to our newest addition.  We had to say good bye to my beloved white, wrought iron bed frame.

I posted my white bed frame with all its bedding on Craigslist and I had a buyer within a day.  I adored that bed frame and had purchased it as a single lady, I was now selling it as a married lady, but was happy it was going to a good home.


Now we NEEDED a new bed. Our new king size mattress was on its way, and sleeping on an air mattress while campy at first, gets old quick.

With a limited budget, we were not sure with the recent purchase of the large mattress if there would be money left to buy a new frame.  I started pouring over Craigslist every night in search of an affordable King size bed frame.  I quickly discovered people who bought king size beds KEPT king size beds; there were not many to pick from within our budget.  It is only an addition of 16″ for a king vs a queen, but we are not alone in our love of those extra inches!

I finally found a frame, 15 miles away for $50.00.  Heck, the price was right! It was not exactly the look I was hoping for, but I sent my sweet husband on a mission to pick it up, cash in hand, with a few aces up my sleeve.


Adam came home with a puzzled look on his face, and unloaded the frame.  I proposed my idea…


Our neighbor replaced his fence a couple years ago, and through the gift of the old wood, I have made projects galore with the old, weathered wood.  I thought we MAY just have enough of the gorgeous, rustic wood to wrap this otherwise blah headboard up in beautiful boards.  Adam got on board quickly (see what I did there?;)), and even took the project further, adding embellishments, and getting creative with the placement of the old, gnarly wood.  He seriously came home every night from work, and could not wait to head to the garage and work on HIS project. I adore how he can visualize my ideas and make them happen….

He used liquid nails to attach the boards and small finishing nails to insure the boards held in place.  He found one of the cross bars from the old fence hidden behind the refrigerator in our garage, and low and behold it was the exact length needed to crown the beauty he created on top!



Several days later, he was finished with the construction of the piece. I sanded it very thoroughly, then used a wet steel wool pad, to insure that the surface was clean and smooth as I knew our younger girls would be climbing all over our bed, and splinters were not an option. Then I used a sealer all over the frame and allowed it to dry for several days.

It was time to get the beautiful beast upstairs. The thing is HEAVY!  Our son Sawyer, Adam and myself carried it upstairs, and thankfully it fit around the staircase!


Once it was in place, and our days of sleeping on an air mattress were over, I decided as well to change the pictures over our night stands.  I took two old frames and spray painted them off white.



After the paint dried, I sanded the heck out of them to give them a weathered, aged look.  Then I blew up a couple pictures of our family taken in the woods and had them printed in black and white.  I love the new look.  It adds to the rustic new feel of the room I was envisioning.

Rustic Picture Frames

I found the cutest light strand from Target. It gives a soft glow at nightime, perfect hue for reading books at night to the girlies. I was in search for a larger rustic adornment for over the bed and found just what I was looking for at The Hobby Lobby and 50% off no less! I love the rustic vibe the arrow and weathered wood add to our room.


Our bedding arrived this week.  I went with shades of white for our bedding and pillows.  The BEST place I found to get bedding, including a new duvet, was from IKEA.  They have the best prices.  I went with a white that has stripes of puckered material to add a bit of texture. I cannot believe how happy we are with our new addition.  We were going to wait until our oldest is off at college next year for this purchase, but oh my goodness I am so glad we did not wait. Even if this is our Christmas present to each other for the next five years, I am a happy camper!! I still get excited EVERY single night, knowing we have our new bed to share together as a family.



DIY Rustic Headboard



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