Our oldest child Sawyer moved out this past fall. We do not have a big house at just over 1,500 feet, so when he moved out we really felt like we suddenly had a MUCH  bigger house. (Although we all miss him so!). Our older daughter Gracie got the privilege of moving into his bigger room and I redid the room prior so upon her moving in, it was a room fit for a princess.

Cora mean while stayed in the smaller room that she had shared with her sister. It seemed only fair to give her room a bit of freshening up as well as adding some new touches, and making it princess ready as well!

We decided to keep both the twin beds in Cora’s room, so she could have sleepovers in the future and so Gracie could sleep in there when we have company, thereby freeing up Gracie’s room for guests. I adore her bedding and so does she, but I wanted to lighten up the space a bit as it is a very small room with only one window.

I found beautiful white quilts via Laura Ashely that fit the bill perfectly. I folded them up and use them at the base of each of her beds. https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/home-furnishings-bed-bath-bedlinen-quilts/products/felicity-ivory-quilt-set

The quilts are beautifully made and I love how the shams have pretty tie fasteners. They also just add the perfect amount of interest with their fiefdoms stiching.

It is so fun for me to look at all the pretty products Laura Ashley offers online. When I was young my mom sewed most of my sister’s and my clothes and even most of our bedding. Going to a material store was one of her favorite outings and we as kids would of course join her. Her most coveted place to buy material was this one Laura Ashely store we had to travel 40 munutes to get to in Santa Barbara California. Oh when I would go with her I’d touch all the quilts, duvets and comforters they had displayed there. My memories of it are so vivid. Now having the joy of sharing Laura Ashely products with my daughter is such a treat. I know it would make my sweet talented momma smile.

As well as quilts, I was in the market for new curtains. Cora still takes naps, and on a good day, even long ones! Thank goodness I needed to find some curtains that were light blocking and cute to match her new wallpaper in a pale pink. In the past I’ve used a liner with regular curtains, but that makes for a more bulky look. Laura’s Ashely has gorgeously made curtains with the light blocking fabric built into the back! Brilliance! They are so heavy, well made and drape just beautifully. I love how perfectly they match the  new wallpaper I installed. https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/girls-childrens-rooms-girls/products/oxford-check-pink-ready-made-blackout-curtains

I also added a few new pillows from their collection. I love the pink sequined heart pillows. They add a shimmery, girlie touch to Cora’s beds. And for extra texture I added two lace off white pillows as well.

On any given day if you’re to visit Cora’s room you’ll probably find her floor packed with Legos, princesses and her favorite books. I purposely kept her decor somewhat minimal to offset how small the room is and to add a bit of calm against the chaos that is usually her floor.;) I had a small lamp I wanted to use in her room in addition to her vintage chandelier, but being on the small side I wanted to raise it up a bit. I found the perfect solution in these cute as heck floral printed suitcases I found. https://www.lauraashleyusa.com/collections/girls-childrens-rooms-girls/products/set-of-2-amelia-floral-suitcases

When we are not using them for her light, she keeps doll clothes in them.

Every time I spend time in Cora’s room I feel so happy. I’m so pleased she has a sweet space all her own. One that she takes pride in and one that suits her to a “T”. 

Thank you for reading along, and thank you to Laura Ashely in your help in making this room all come together so beautifully!


I'm the momma to three sweet peaches, and the blessed wife of one kind husband. My background is in art, and my B.A. Is in fine art. I like to use my house as my canvas, and love DIY projects around the house.


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    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    March 29, 2017

    Such a sweet room, Kirsten! Fit for a princess!! xo

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      March 29, 2017

      Thank you so much Kendra!!

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    Cherie cole

    March 19, 2017

    I have a lot of brass lights and I saw where you were going paint yours. I love love your style. I always love following your little videos. Such great ideas. I hate to buy new fixtures when I still love what I picked out 20 years ago but brass is out of style. Would love to see pictures. Thank you have a safe and blessed day. ❤️

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      March 19, 2017

      I don’t have a specific picture…but if you look at my Instagram feed the dining room light was brass…I just used a can of spray paint on it. I hung it out in my garage to make it easy to work on! Thank you for your kind words…❤️❤️❤️

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    March 10, 2017

    What a sweet bedroom for your girl! You did an amazing job! I love products from Laura Ashley. They are beautiful, timeless, and so well made. I still have bedding from Laura Ashley that I had purchased more than 20 years ago.

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      March 19, 2017

      Yes! Laura Ashley is timeless I think! Thank you so much! Happy Sunday to you!